24 Hours in Savannah

From Tybee Island, Savannah is a short 30 minutes drive. We walked Tybee Island's beach early in the morning then headed to Savannah (you can read more about our time at Tybee Island here). We were walking around Savannah by 9:30. It was overcast so it wasn't too hot, perfect strolling weather. We started our day down by the river on River Street where we watched the huge boats drive by, sampled delicious pralines, and bought some art for our house. They have cute shops and restaurants all down that road.


Before we got too far, we stopped at Vic's on the River for lunch. It was highly recommended and did not disappoint. My crab salad and grits were delicious!

Then we began our walk through the town. We headed straight down Bull Street which takes you through several parks. They are so gorgeous!

I stopped by Savannah Bee Company on the walk since it was also highly recommend. It is such a cute store. I wanted to return later for a mead tasting but we didn't have the time. We made our way to the biggest park, Forsyth Park. It is a huge park with a pretty fountain, playground, and grassy fields. There is a famous cemetery just beyond the park but we did not make it there.

Then we started our walk back since our hotel was closer to River Street. By that time my legs were tired! We walked 4 miles on the beach that morning then a few more miles around Savannah. A World Cup game was about to start, England happened to be playing. So we stopped in an English pub, the Six Pence Pub, to watch the game. We met the nicest people from London there! It was a much needed break! I was happy to be sitting and my husband was happy to be watching soccer, win-win.

It was mid-afternoon which is snack time. We walked past this ice cream store that had a line way out the door. That was a sign it must be delicious and it was!

We headed to our hotel to check in and went to relax by the pool for a little bit. It was so refreshing. We stayed at the Andaz Savannah. I got a great deal on Priceline. If we were to return to Savannah, I would definitely stay at the Andaz again!

Not long after we headed back to our hotel room to get ready for dinner. You can see how cute the hotel room was! I loved the gingham chairs.

We decided on The Ordinary Pub for dinner. I wanted to go to Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and Sons, but it has some mixed reviews. I heard the food is mediocre but if you are a fan of hers you'll enjoy it. I wasn't willing to compromise on okay food so we went to the The Ordinary Pub. It sure did deliver! I had the seafood gumbo with grits, so good!

We ended the night walking around, grabbing some drinks, and listening to live music. We stopped by The Georgia Tasting Room and got wine slushes. AMAZING! They are similar to a slurpee but much tastier and with wine!

The following day we woke up and headed home around 10. Our 24 hours in Savannah was so full and so much fun. To be honest, I never understood the appeal of the city. I've been to Savannah with my parents as a child and I asked my dad, "Why did you bring me to such a dirty city?" Can you believe that? I didn't think it was dirty when we visited, I loved it! I can definitely see visiting again, especially because it isn't that far of a drive. There are more restaurants I'd love to try, a ghost tour and mead tasting I'd like to do, and more parks to get lost in.

Here are all the places that were recommended to me to try:

We couldn't get to them all but the places we did go to was fantastic. I did go to The Coffee Fox for coffee both mornings for cold brew coffee, delicious. I also stopped in E Shaver Booksellers. It is an amazing book store that has cats!

Have you been to Savannah? Do you have any other recommendations?

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