Pregnancy Update: First Trimester

We found out I was pregnant towards the end of January. I couldn't believe a soon to be baby would be in my belly! Now I just can't believe a time I didn't have big belly! 

What do you do when you find out you are going to be having a baby?
You go to Disney World!

I also went to Vegas at 10 weeks which was in March.

A bump starting to form at week 12.

First Trimester Q & A

When is Baby due?
October 12th

How did you tell your husband?
I decided to take a pregnancy in the afternoon when I got home from work. I took the pregnancy test downstairs to show him when he got home. When he did get home, he would not stop talking! I was following him around holding the pregnancy test for over 10 minutes as he was talking and talking. Finally I showed him what I was holding! He was so elated!

How are you feeling?
Tired. Very tired. 

I would go to work and sit and stare at the wall during my break, usually I would be super productive during this time. I would eat crackers and very interesting/plain foods for lunch (chicken salad, apple sauce). Then I would go home and lay on the couch until it was time for bed. I wouldn't make dinner, I would eat a bagel, cereal, pasta, or any other carb I could get my hands on. My poor husband was all on his own for dinners and I also pretty much stopped grocery shopping. Carbs were just the only food that sounded remotely appealing to eat. It wasn't that I was necessarily craving carbs, I wasn't craving any food, it is just what my body would accept.

I also was just not feeling like myself. I love to read and I stopped reading all together. I read 6 books in January then didn't pick one up in February or March. I also love my job as a teacher and during those two months I STRUGGLED to get things done and did not like going to work which is not me at all!!

Do you have morning sickness?
I feel very lucky I didn't have much morning sickness. I mainly had a loss of appetite and will occasionally feel nauseous but being tired was more of a hinderance. 

When did you start to feel better?
Again, I feel lucky because I started feeling like myself again in the 11th week. I was struggling to make it to Spring Break and then when I returned from Spring Break I was a whole new person. I felt so much better!

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